About Annabelle...
Free Tarot and the sharing of knowledge is something I care deeply about. Please use and enjoy these incredible Tarot cards to turn the key and unlock the future potential in your life. The best things in life can be free.

My long journey into Tarot began 37 years ago, at St Martins Art School. The beautiful images and mystical associations made a deep psychic connection. Degrees in History and English Literature helped give me perspective, to go further into the background and psychology behind Tarot. Teaching Tarot is very fulfilling, deepening my understanding and passing on my knowledge. Students come from all over the world and all the talented and psychic recommended live readers have attended. A wonderful mutually supportive group, where people learn about themselves and how others tick. Sharing has nurtured many Tarot partnerships and babies. The magic unfolds, when everyone’s unique story is accurately shown in the 78 cards. Connecting with consciousness and channeling into the future, they confidently move forward feeling fully supported and prepared for what lies ahead.

Through my celebrity weekly column in OK! The Star, New Magazine, The Express and Star newspapers, we developed the Annabelle Tarotline bringing Tarot to the readers. On LBC, Talk Sport and Sky The Tower card, both accurately predicted Posh and Becks problems before the news broke and the very precise result of a football relegation!

Sceptic’s cast doubt on the validity of the esoteric and psychic world. However, so much of life is not subject to scientific proof, including things we know to be true. By drawing on the known and not conventionally knowable, we’re open to the possibility of a world that can neither be explained nor easily understood. We can all have and share knowledge, but wisdom only comes, when we admit we don’t know.

The 22 Major Arcana cards predict big memorable moments. The remaining 56 cards are divided into 4 suits; Swords, Cups, Pentacles and Wands. Each suit is comprised of the Minor Arcana numbered 1-10 and 4 Court cards; Page, Knight, Queen and King, are the people or personalities of the pack.

Bringing awareness to choosing how you live is the first step towards having the life you want. The Sword suit, shows how insecurities and ego lead to pain and suffering, but is the journey to wisdom. Connecting the emotional core of the Cup, following feelings, allows love and happiness to flow, through sharing and empathy. Putting down responsible Pentacle roots, brings money and security. Igniting the Wand fire, releases vital energy and excitement.

After choosing your cards they’re put into spreads, which look into the areas you wish to know about. My unique program has literally billions of possibilities. Every card is read in every possible category and position: it has taken years to perfect and build.

The Celtic Cross spread and Card of the Day are free. To go deeper into love, work, money, problem solving or any question at all, there are lots of readings to choose from and are excellent value for money. I want you to enjoy a better future and be amazed by what these cards can do. This website is about giving back to the world, the knowledge and support I have had from the Tarot. Take action by having a reading right now.

Warmest good wishes

Annabelle’s Team...
All my recommended readers are the best in their field. They are truly committed to giving you the support you need, through Tarot, psychic work, mediumship and astrology. The way you view your future, will help you get the best out of it.

* Readers with the Pentacle Symbol

These handpicked personally trained tarot readers can give quick precise live support for any of the ‘Annabelletarot’ readings. As well as being available to do their own readings live with you.