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Celtic Cross 10 cards
looking at the recent past present future.

The current situation.


The obstacle or difficulty facing you, an issue or problem to be addressed.

What’s happening now, including the past and future 1-3 weeks.

The underlying cause or foundation of the present situation, rooted anytime in the past.

What happened in the past up to a year.

What will be happening over the next few weeks/months possibly a year.

Future Self
How you respond or deal with what happens in the future.

What happens in the future home environment, including people, family, working from home and the actual building.

Hopes and Fears
What we wish for or dream of; it can be both a potential wish fulfilment or fear. Facing our fears, brings enlightenment and healing. Whilst a wish coming true, is a gift.

Final Outcome
What happens at the end of this cycle, up to a year from the present time.

What's capping?
Occasionally a card doesn't resonate and needs further clarity. By adding or capping it with another card, the additional information will help identify how it fits.

Why cap a card?
If one card in the reading doesn’t resonate or fit. Choose an additional card, to give more information.

If you need advice with a card, take an advice card to help you.

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