FAQ's - Work General...

Work General Spread 5 cards looking into past present and future

The background to the work situation.

What’s happening now concerning work.

Hidden influence
What you might not have considered.

Help on how to make work better and be more effective.

Future Outcome
Where you’ll be with work in approximately 6 months time.

Further Advice
More help concerning work.

Future Money
What is the financial future approximately 6-12months?

What's capping?
Occasionally a card doesn't resonate and needs further clarity. By adding or capping it with another card, the additional information will help identify how it fits.

Why cap a card?
If one card in the reading doesn’t resonate or fit. Choose an additional card, to give more information.

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Annabelle’s Team...
All my recommended readers are the best in their field. They are truly committed to giving you the support you need, through Tarot, psychic work, mediumship and astrology. The way you view your future, will help you get the best out of it.

* Readers with the Pentacle Symbol

These handpicked personally trained tarot readers can give quick precise live support for any of the ‘Annabelletarot’ readings. As well as being available to do their own readings live with you.