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Other Frequently asked questions

How often should I have a reading?
I recommend the Celtic Cross be done approximately every few months, or when things change. The card of the day is for daily use and the other readings as frequently as needed.

How accurate is the timing?
Try to look at the cards as a sequence of events, by slowing things down or speeding things up, we choose how to move forward.

Should I be scared if I have ‘bad' cards?
The cards reflect all aspects of life and help us to learn from our challenges without fear. Being prepared, we can turn difficulties into triumphs.

Can we change our future?
You can choose your fate through changing destiny. To shape the future, we need to simultaneously understand the probability of what will be and prepare for the unexpected.

What's capping?
Occasionally a card doesn't resonate and needs further clarity. By adding or capping it with another card, the additional information will help identify how it fits.

Advice Cards?
This option gives you advice for the specific chosen card or situation being read. Some readings already have advice cards in them.

Obstacles or crossing cards?
These are negative issues, which are problems or hurdles, needing to be addressed and overcome.

Do the number of Major cards in a reading mean anything?
Above the average 28% or more than 3 in a Celtic Cross reading, increases the temperature. Showing exciting memorable big bang moments! Less than average, is usually when we have time to step back and work steadily towards our goals.
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