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Tarot is an wonderful means of divination and I have been fortunate to learn, thanks to Annabelle's Tarot classes. She nurtured my natural intuitive talents in conjunction with developing my knowledge of the cards. Combining both the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards and my own psychic abilities, I have been able to give many accurate readings, that have clients coming back for repeat readings over the past 4 years. I have been astonished, but never surprised at the amazing accuracy and insight that the cards give.

Our future is never set in stone, we can choose our own destinies, so why not let me help you change direction. If you feel your life’s on a road to the cul-du-sac of nothingness, and want to take an alternative route to success, book a reading with me. Tarot can unlock your potential and my interpretation will be the key to do that for you.

Cost per minute - £1.40
Annabelle Says...

‘Darren came to me brimming with psychic ability, Tarot has helped him tune and guide his talent into a real gift to help people. He works with the cards, but can tell you a lot of information without them too!

Contact Darren for an unforgetable and life changing psychic experience.