Annabelle’s recommended readers...

Eilyen is an Integrated Healing Practitioner and Psychic Tarot Reader. I was fortunate in meeting Annabelle for a reading. She quickly gave me so much good advice and through her Tarot class, helped extend my skills in the psychic area. I have read Tarot in several shops in London, worked online and teach. I also practice unified Aromatherapy, using crystals and chakras and have been on the board of the International Aromatherapy Association. Currently, I am partnered with Quintessentially, doing readings and talks.

People come from all walks of life seeking answers and guidance. I use the Cat, Rider Waite and Angel cards, acting as a guide for the person whose questions need an intuitive and psychic response, always pointing out the difference between fate and free will.

‘I first consulted Eilyen 7 years ago for a tarot reading and was so impressed by the accuracy of the forecast given, that I have been seeing her ever since. She has opened my life to a new horizon.’ Lloyd

Cost per minute - £1.40

Annabelle Says...

‘When Eilyen came to me she was already a very skilled healer and familiar with using psychic energy. She has developed into a very rounded knowledgable reader, who empowers her clients, whilst helping them feel calm and confident. She has a lot of experience and can give excellent support for any of the Annabelle readings, as well as her own very accurate integrated Cat, Rider Waite and Angel card readings.’