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Internationally renowned as a healer and practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I have been reading Tarot for 12 years and teaching Tarot with Annabelle for 7 years.

With a rich knowledge of Western Mysticism, Daoism and Buddhism, I specialise in spiritual development, bringing a unique perspective to my readings. By emphasising what you can do yourself to understand and transform, I support my clients to become the author of the story of their own life.
I provide in-depth readings, using all the Annabelle tarot spreads as well as many of my own. Whether you need support for a reading you’ve had on the site, or an in depth look at your self from a different perspective. Call me for a holistic look at your life. I use Rider Waite, Thoth and my own Tarot cards for readings.

Cost per minute - £1.40
Annabelle Says...

‘Tim and I teach tarot together for beginners and mentor professional readers. We enjoy sharing knowledge and are constantly amazed by how powerful the Tarot is. He was my star pupil and is a wonderful reader and teacher. Incredibly skillful and intelligent, with enormous integrity, he is a guiding light’