The Annabelle Readings
My unique programme uses all 78 Tarot cards in every combination and position, giving billions of possibilities, all available instantly in 10 different spreads.

Buy individually, or have unlimited access for £5.99 per month.

YEAR's subscription - £49.99
to unlimited Annabelle readings, including personal history box, to access past readings

General Celtic Cross Reading - FREE
A general look at what’s happening over the year in all aspects of your life.

General Emotional Reading - £2.99
Look into your feelings and relationships. Act on the advice given and see how the future unfolds.

Specific Relationship Reading - £2.99
‘Love Spread’ where’s your partnership heading, follow great advice, to find future happiness.

Problem Solving General Reading - £2.99
Resolve anything by facing the challenges and take advice to turn things around.

Problem Solving Emotional Reading - £2.99
Get support to be happy; remove the issues standing between you and the loving relationship you deserve and want.

MONTHLY subscription - £5.99
to unlimited Annabelle readings, including personal history box, to access past readings

Problem Solving Work Reading - £2.99
Solve difficulties at work and turn obstacles into exciting opportunities, by unlocking your potential success.

General Work Reading - £2.99
Be prepared for what’s ahead, flag potential issues and follow advice to work effectively. There’s a future money card too!

Specific Work Reading - £2.99
Office politics: look into people and situations at work. Get ahead by taking advice. Future money’s in there too!

3 Card Reading - £1.99
Take three cards to get a precise insightful look at what’s happening and going to unfold in the future.

Card of the day - FREE
Get ready to make the most of the exciting opportunities life has to offer you today

Annabelle’s Team...
All my recommended readers are the best in their field. They are truly committed to giving you the support you need, through Tarot, psychic work, mediumship and astrology. The way you view your future, will help you get the best out of it.

* Readers with the Pentacle Symbol

These handpicked personally trained tarot readers can give quick precise live support for any of the ‘Annabelletarot’ readings. As well as being available to do their own readings live with you.