“Dear Annabelle, your guidance has given me a greater perspective in many areas of my life and I feel more centred and in control as a result. Thank you so much for the service you provide, and it's the person you are that keeps me coming back! “


“Tarot is an wonderful means of divination that i have been fortunate to have learnt thanks to Annabelle's Tarot classes. She nurtured my natural intuitive talents in conjunction with developing my knowledge of the cards. Combining both the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards and my own psychic abilities I have been able to give many accurate readings that have the querent coming back for repeat readings over the past 4 years. I have been astonished but never surprised at the amazing accuracy and insight that the cards give. Our future is never set in stone, we can choose our own destinies, so why not help change our direction if our lives are on a road to the cul-du-sac of nothingness, and take an alternative route to success. Tarot can do that for you.”

Lots of love - DARREN

“Move over bewitched* - Annabelle hits the nail on the head each and every time. She brings a fresh and realistic approach to the mass of hidden meanings behind the tarot. Her interpretations will bring enlightenment and positivity to any reading. Annabelle will simply guide and help to steer the individual wheel of life.“

Et voila :) xx

"I go to Annabelle when I don't know what to do or which way to turn, when I'm feeling exhausted by life and have lost momentum and can't see clearly ahead or when I just want to KNOW. Within the space of an hour, with her insight, clarity and intuition, her straight taking and no nonsense approach to life, she has turned my grey skies to blue and put me firmly back on track. Annabelle's accuracy is utterly astonishing. She is therapist, counsellor, advisor, big sister and shoulder to cry on all rolled into one. When there's a question mark in my world, Annabelle knows the answer. "


"Thanks for a wonderful reading, it was very thorough and accurate lots of the advise given in the cards has really paid off annabelle really took her time and answers all your questions altogether a fantastic reading which I can refer to again and again."


"Annabelle I feel like I am waking on air. Thank you for being my beacon of light."

Love Jo

"Dear Annabelle I look forward to my yearly visit and no matter what your readings always come true. I am always astonished at your accuracy. See you in April."


"Dear Annabelle
After very helpful career advice through Tarot reading, which gave me confidence to make the next move, your interpretation of the cards was correct in predicting I would re-join the company I left. Thank you, it was good to know during a challenging interim job choice that everything would work out OK."

Best Wishes, Sarah

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